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US-2012095460-A1: Surgical Forceps patent, US-2012151342-A1: User interface for prioritizing media content patent, US-2012155353-A1: Intelligent data network with power management capabilities patent, US-2012157763-A1: Method and apparatus for reducing tissue trauma during ipp procedure patent, US-2012179333-A1: Method for Influencing the Steering Torque in a Vehicle Steering System patent, US-2012179772-A1: System and method to improve fitness training patent, US-2012189651-A1: Active agent complex and formulation comprising the active agent complex patent, US-2012198932-A1: Device for determining movements of an animal patent, US-2012229132-A1: Stacked type magnetic field detection sensor patent, US-2012265216-A1: Follicular extraction punch and method patent, US-2012278442-A1: Server apparatus and method of controlling information system patent, US-2012301925-A1: Methods and compositions for dna fragmentation and tagging by transposases patent, US-2012309438-A1: Method and device for maintaining the performance quality of a communication system in the presence of narrow band interference patent, US-2012317421-A1: Fingerprinting Executable Code patent, US-2013001356-A1: Reinforced aircraft fuselage patent, US-2013015883-A1: Cmos logic integrated circuit patent, US-2013017773-A1: Removable break-away shackle assembly patent, US-2013018807-A1: Method for Facilitating Transactions Between Two or More Parties patent, US-2013026879-A1: Electrostatic actuator patent, US-2013039834-A1: Method for producing ammonia patent, US-2013090060-A1: Wireless modem patent, US-2013125836-A1: Poultry Support and Protection Device and Method of Supporting and Protecting Poultry patent, US-2013139172-A1: Controlling the use of computing resources in a database as a service patent, US-2013154921-A1: Navigation device patent, US-2013185438-A1: Policy-Aware Based Method for Deployment of Enterprise Virtual Tenant Networks patent, US-2013194972-A1: Network Reconfiguration Method patent, US-2013206053-A1: Cargo Hold Of A Vessel For Transporting Liquefied Gas patent, US-2013220899-A1: Filter cartridge monitor patent, US-2013249568-A1: Cabinet touch control patent, US-2013279523-A1: Highly Integrated Media Access Control patent, US-2013300290-A1: Self-Calibrating Multi-Directional Security Luminaire and Associated Methods patent, US-2013311579-A1: Prioritization of incoming communications patent, US-2013312267-A1: Motor Chain Saw with Supply Pump patent, US-2013327192-A1: Spiral cutting device patent, US-2013331971-A1: Watermarking and using same for audience measurement patent, US-2013333979-A1: Escape chute patent, US-2014009140-A1: System for testing real time clock patent, US-2014012519-A1: Dynamic characteristic calculation apparatus and its method for machine tool patent, US-2014021231-A1: bicycle U-lock carrier patent, US-2014022892-A1: Data communications system and method of data transmission patent, US-2014037270-A1: Systems and methods for recording programs using a network recording device as supplemental storage patent, US-2014039799-A1: Seismic Inversion for Formation Properties and Attentuation Effects patent, US-2014049355-A1: Thermal protector patent, US-2014089719-A1: Planning unambiguously across multiple time zones patent, US-2014129743-A1: Input/output instrument, system, and device patent, US-6008578-A: Full-color organic electroluminescent device with spaced apart fluorescent areas patent, US-2014133340-A1: Method and apparatus for obtaining channel state information patent, US-2014134464-A1: Battery pack including overcurrent protector patent, US-2014165205-A1: Equipment-information transmitting apparatus, service control apparatus, equipment-information transmitting method, and computer products patent, US-2014169979-A1: Gas turbine engine fan blade platform seal patent, US-2014181908-A1: Method and Apparatus for Using Sensors on a Portable Electronic Device to Verify Transactions patent, US-2014188952-A1: Reading data without an indirection logical reference identifier in a system that uses indirection access patent, US-2014194251-A1: Adaptive motor resistance video game exercise apparatus and method of use thereof patent, US-2014197961-A1: Operating status warning lamp aparatus patent, US-2014210480-A1: Method of testing secondary battery patent, US-2014244334-A1: Facilitating allocation of resources to tasks patent, US-2014256838-A1: Wettable, high strength foam especially for ink holders patent, US-2014275783-A1: Minimize image sensor i/o and conductor counts in endoscope applications patent, US-2014286524-A1: Loud speakers patent, US-2014323102-A1: Method and device for virtualization of terminal devices of a wireless network patent, US-2014338831-A1: Fire resistant roofing products patent, US-2014339039-A1: Cable winding device patent, US-2014360216-A1: Gas defrosting system for refrigeration units using fluid cooled condensers patent, US-2015017016-A1: Direct drive wind turbine patent, US-2015020119-A1: Personalized user interface for managing multimedia streams patent, US-2015042618-A1: Optical touch system and touch display system patent, US-2015054782-A1: Single layered electrode structure patent, US-2015078890-A1: Compressor casing comprising cavities with optimised setting patent, US-2015091009-A1: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2010138157-A1: Method for processing borehole logs to enhance the continuity of physical property measurements of a subsurface region patent, US-2010138333-A1: Electronic trading system patent, US-2010184567-A1: Portable acrobatic trainer apparatus patent, US-2010207852-A1: Dividing pixels between chiplets in display device patent, US-2010211141-A1: Multi-access blanket patent, US-2010245812-A1: Defect inspecting method and defect inspecting apparatus patent, US-2010257048-A1: Method of providing an incentive savings account patent, US-2010307223-A1: Apparatus and Method for Measuring and Recording Data from Violent Events patent, US-2010315574-A1: Liquid crystal display device patent, US-2010316982-A1: Time-out device patent, US-2011050188-A1: Power supply controller with an input voltage compensation circuit patent, US-2011142105-A1: Methods and apparatus for multipath mitigation patent, US-2011149511-A1: Electronic device incorporating centrifugal blower patent, US-2011176949-A1: Rotary compressor patent, US-2011196694-A1: Method And Arrangement For Producing Medical Reports patent, US-2011249530-A1: Arranging sensor assemblies for seismic surveying patent, US-2011253149-A1: Applicator for applying a barrier membrane to a body surface patent, US-2011275390-A1: Method For Stitching Multiple Converging Paths patent, US-2011320555-A1: Prioritization of protocol messages at a server patent, US-2012027134-A1: Receiving encoded data slices via wireless communication patent, US-2012042355-A1: Representing extensible markup language (xml) as an executable having conditional authentication or policy logic patent, US-2012082389-A1: Image processing device and computer-program product of image evaluation patent, US-2012091707-A1: Anti-Expansion and Anti-Seismic Pipe Fitting patent, US-2012096917-A1: Device for turning over a flattening element and flattening element engaging with said device patent, US-2012099810-A1: Hybrid cross axis ball joint bushing patent, US-2012109062-A1: Automated insertion assembly patent, US-2012159550-A1: System and method for providing dynamic content with an electronic program guide patent, US-2012165302-A1: Antifungal formulations patent, US-2012177021-A1: Communication and Information Systems and Methods patent, US-2012231821-A1: Vehicle telematics communication for providing hands-free wireless communication patent, US-2012233071-A1: Method and apparatus for automatically reloading a stored value card patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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