High-performance gauze for bone surgery



The utility model relates to a piece of high-performance gauze for bone surgery. The gauze comprises two layers including a surface layer and a bottom layer, wherein the surface layer is made of ventilating moisture-transfer cotton gauze, the bottom layer is made of fibrilia cotton gauze, the surface layer and the bottom layer are combined to form the high-performance gauze through bonding or sewing; the ventilating moisture-transfer cotton gauze contains cross shape ventilating moisture-transfer polyester fiber; the high-performance gauze is made of the ventilating moisture-transfer polyester fiber and cotton fiber through blending; and the fibrilia cotton gauze contains fibrilia and is made of fibrilia and cotton fiber through blending. The utility model has the advantages as follows: because the cross shape ventilating moisture-transfer polyester fiber is contained and the fiber takes the shape of a cross, the utility model has the favorable wicking effect, and further has the favorable ventilating moisture-transfer effect, and the gauze is endowed with favorable ventilating moisture-transfer performance; and because the fibrilia is contained, the cohesive force between the fibrilia and the liquid flowing out from a wound can be reduced, and the high-performance gauze is beneficial to the healing of the wound.




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