Quick camera screw switching structure



The utility model relates to a quick camera screw switching structure, which comprises a central tube, a plug, a connecting rotary disk, a bottom disk, an elastic body and a stud; the plug is fixed in the central tube; the connecting rotary disk is rotatably fitted on one end of the central tube; the bottom disk is screwed on the outer wall of the central tube; the elastic body is compressed between the plug and the connecting rotary disk; the stud passes through one end of the connecting rotary disk and is fitted in the plug, one end of the stud is provided with a first threaded part and a second threaded part, the first threaded part has a first dimension, the front half part of the second threaded part has a second dimension, the rear half part has a first dimension, wherein the first dimension is larger than the second dimension. The utility model has the advantages that: the stud for connecting a camera can be quickly switched and locked with the bottom disk of the central tube, and is connected in a screwing manner, the structure is simple, operation is simple, and the switching and locking effect is good.




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