Air disinfection purification central air conditioner


  • Inventors: ZHOU YUNZHENG
  • Assignees: 周云正
  • Publication Date: January 26, 2011
  • Publication Number: CN-201724320-U


The utility model belongs to the technical field of air disinfection purification, in particular to an air disinfection purification central air conditioner, which comprises a main air conditioner, a plasma reactor, a pulse power supply, a main fan, a return air fan, a controller, a fresh air opening, an air outlet and a ventilation pipe, wherein a positive electrode and a negative electrode are arranged in the plasma reactor, the positive electrode is made up of a plurality of anti-oxidized metal belts which are arranged in parallel in the same plane, and the negative electrode is made from aluminum plates or stainless steel plates. The air disinfection purification central air conditioner is further provided with a micro-discharge resistance conductive rail which is made from an aluminum bar or a stainless steel bar, and the two ends of the positive electrode are respectively fixed on the micro-discharge resistance conductive rail. The air disinfection purification central air conditioner can adjust indoor temperature and humidity, also can effectively kill bacteria and viruses, degrades TVOC, eliminates peculiar smell, and wipes off granular aerosols. The air disinfection purification central air conditioner saves energy, and has excellent reliability. The utility model is specially designed for air disinfection purification central air conditioners, and is a central air conditioner for fields of hospitals, clean rooms, office buildings, malls, hotels and subways and the like.




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