Versatile solar clock



The utility model discloses a versatile solar clock. The versatile solar clock comprises a main body (1), a solar cell panel (2) is arranged on the main body (1), an LCD display screen (3) is arranged on the side surface of the main body (1), a rechargeable battery (4) and a clock control circuit (5) are arranged in the main body (1), and the solar cell panel (2), the LCD display screen (3), the rechargeable battery (4) and the clock control circuit (5) are electrically connected. The versatile solar clock also comprises a base (6), the main body (1) is in the shape of Arabic number seven, the side bottom edge of the main body (1) is connected with the side of the base (6), and pen inserting holes (7) are correspondingly arranged on the main body (1) and the base (6). Solar energy is converted into electric energy by the solar cell panel (2) and stored for realizing time display and alarm clock functions. Pen holder functions can be realized by the two pen inserting holes (7) arranged on the main body (1) and the base (6). When the main body is taken off and separated from the base, the base can also be individually used as a business card holder, a clip storage device, etc. The utility model having the advantages of novel style, complete functions, etc., has strong practicability and high popularization values.




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