Special instrument circuit cable for high-flame retardant ship



The utility model relates to a special instrument circuit cable for a high-flame retardant ship, which is characterized by a conductor, a cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation layer, a filling rope, a tape, an inner sheath, an armored layer and an outer sheath, wherein the cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation layer is wrapped outside the conductor to form a wire core, and two wire cores are intertwisted into a twisted pair winding; the tape wraps four groups of twisted pair windings, and the filling rope fills gaps among all the twisted pair windings; the inner sheath, the armored layer and the outer sheath are sequentially wrapped outside the tape; the conductor is a tinned copper conductor or a bare copper conductor; the armored layer is woven from tinned copper wires, bare copper wires or tinned steel wires; and the inner sheath and the outer sheath are made of flame-retardant epoxy propane (ZR-PO) or flame-retardant polyolefin (ZR-XLPO) material. Because of the inner sheath and the outer sheath, the instrument cable has high flame-retardant performance, and can still maintain working time as long as possible under the circumstance of direct burning.




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