• Inventors: TAO LIUJUN
  • Assignees: 陶柳君
  • Publication Date: February 02, 2011
  • Publication Number: CN-201729236-U


The utility model relates to a scooter and discloses a scooter comprising a pedal (1), handles (2), a steering rod (3) and rolling wheels (4), wherein the front end of the pedal (1) is provided with a movable support (6) and a reinforced support bar (7); the movable support (6) comprises a bottom plate (61) and two side plates (62) which are symmetrically arranged at the left and right ends of the bottom plate (61); the bottom plate (61) is movably connected with the side plates (62); the side plates (62) are movably connected with the reinforced support bar (7); and the bottom of the steering rod (3) is connected with the bottom plate (61). The utility model can effectively improve the stability of the scooter during the sliding process, is beneficial for the beginner to exercise and use and has higher safety performance. Compared with the existing scooter, the utility model has more entertainment and interestingness.




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