Painting and calligraphy transaction identifier


  • Inventors: ZHU JIANZONG
  • Assignees: 朱建宗
  • Publication Date: February 02, 2011
  • Publication Number: CN-201732383-U


The utility model relates to a painting and calligraphy transaction identifier which comprises a power supply module, a central controller, a control module, a display module, a communication module and an RFID reading and writing module; the input end of the central controller is connected with the power supply module and the control module, and the output end thereof is connected with the display module, and is connected with the communication module and the RFID reading and writing module. The utility model has the beneficial effects of providing a painting and calligraphy transaction identifier which is provided with the RFID reading and writing module and the communication module so as to identify electronic tags in a painting and exchange data with a server through a communication way, comprising a painting and calligraphy transaction identification instrument with high intelligentization, low cost, simple and reliable structure and high cost performance, and solving the problems that calligraphy and painting artwork transactions have strongly subjective identification results, cannot be unified and lack fairness.




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