Visible B-type ultrasonic artificial abortion instrument



The utility model discloses a visible B-type ultrasonic artificial abortion instrument, comprising a B-type ultrasonic detector, a belly probe, a vagina probe, a controller, a display device, and a pump, wherein the B-type ultrasonic detector is used for generating ultrasonic waves and processing image-text information, the belly probe and the vagina probe are connected to the B-type ultrasonic detector and used for acquiring ultrasonic images of a target object, the controller is connected with the B-type ultrasonic detector through a communication port and used for processing the ultrasonic images, the display device is connected to the controller so as to synchronously display the image information processed by the controller, and the pump is used for sucking a gestational sac, matched with a disposable suction pipe and connected with a conduit. The visible B-type ultrasonic artificial abortion instrument in the utility model is low in cost and convenient to use.




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