Blackboard with dust absorbing function


  • Inventors: ZHOU XUYANG
  • Assignees: 周旭阳
  • Publication Date: February 09, 2011
  • Publication Number: CN-201736638-U


The utility model provides a blackboard with a dust absorbing function, which mainly comprises a blackboard main body (1) and a frame (2), wherein the frame (2) is installed on the edge of the blackboard main body (1), a dust absorbing pipeline (3) is also embedded in the frame (2), at least one dust absorbing opening (4) is arranged at a random position on the dust absorbing pipeline (3), and a dust collector (5) is also externally connected onto the dust absorbing pipeline (3). The utility model has simple structure, is easy to install, can furthest absorb the dust, creates a better teaching and learning environment for teachers and students and further provides excellent conditions for guaranteeing the body health of the teachers and the students.




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