Wellbore cleaning tool used in well drilling



The utility model relates to a wellbore cleaning tool used in well drilling in the petroleum oil, natural gas and geological well drilling, which is especially applicable to the drilling of horizontal wells, high-deviated wells, large-displacement wells, and wells with complex structures. The wellbore cleaning tool used in well drilling consists of male buckle, a body, a lower transition trough, turbulent flow arrises, an over-current trough, an upper transition trough and a female buckle, wherein the body is internally provided with a through hole, and provided with the turbulent flow arris, the over-current trough, the upper transition trough and the lower transition trough; the turbulent flow arrises can be straight arrises, inclined straight arrises, V-shaped arrises, spiral arrises or fan-shaped arrises, wherein the annular troughs can be arranged in the middle of the straight arrises and the inclined straight arrises; and the number of the turbulent flow arrises is 3 to 6. The wellbore cleaning tool has the functions of destroying cuttings beds, increasing flow velocity of local drilling fluid and guiding, thus enabling the cuttings to be smoothly returned to the ground along with the drilling liquid, effectively improving the cuttings suspension state in the well drilling process to clean a wellbore, and preventing the accidents of jamming and stopping of drilling tools caused by the cuttings beds formed at the bottom of the wellbore due to the sedimentation of cuttings in the well drilling process.




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