Combination cable bracket



The utility model discloses a combination cable bracket. The combination cable bracket comprises a bracket arm and a U-shaped groove upright post, wherein the bracket arm comprises a base and a cantilever which extends outwards from the base; the upper end of the base is provided with a pin hole for arranging a pin; the pin passes through the space between the side wall of the upright post and the bracket arm; and the bracket arm is connected and fixed in the upright post groove through the pin in the side wall of the upright post and contacted with inner side wall of the upright post. The combination cable bracket is suitable for various cable laying places, and field installation and cable laying construction are very convenient; and the combination cable bracket has the advantages of simple manufacturing process, easy material shaping, convenient assembly, disassembly and overhaul, optionally-adjustable distance between brackets and optionally-changeable layers of the brackets.




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